Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon
TV-PG | 25 September 2017 (USA)
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    Robin Dozier Maynard

    It is so rare these days to find a wholesome, good quality show but look no more! This show offers great writing, acting and humor. Can be enjoyed by anyone - familiarity with The Big Bang Theory show is not necessary - this show stands alone as a wonderful show.

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    Good show. Missy and Meemaw are great. Don't assume it's just going to be bad. Give it a go.

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    Paul Walters

    I find TBBT to be mildly interesting just because of Sheldon cooper and Leonard. However, this show being labeled as comedy, I was expecting some cleverly written jokes as Sheldon is portrayed as a gifted child. But on the contrary, the jokes fall flat on all levels. When I saw the sibling fighting at the dinner table, I thought this was going to get better, like Malcolm in the middle or The Goldbergs. But nah, its just poop and fart jokes that makes up the entire show. I think there are better shows right now to spend your time on. Acting is good though.

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    When i watch the show, i dont know what shoul i feel. Do i like it, is it funny, is it telling me about Sheldon chldhood, does his sister smarter than Sheldon? I like the Mother in the show. Her acting is very very real, belive her when she is on the screen. Littel sister very talented i like her. Some how some things are not right.

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