TV-MA | 20 June 2018 (USA)
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    I Love the story line to this show, but it is really disturbing when I have to listen to the F word every 5 to 10 minutes. I still have a young one in the house. I would rather them use other curse words. I have held in there watching the first series, not sure I will watch any more. Other wise I would have rated it higher.

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    I like Beth...but I live in montana and say the f word so what do i know. And ya I probably wouldn't want to watch it with my grandma either. Look forward To the show each week and figure the story has to have glam and drama; Thats where new seasons come from it seems...I really like it overall-the one liners, dynamics, Stockfarm garb, worn wranglers, and the effort to capture pieces of truth. "Leverage is knowing if someone had all the money in the world this is what theyd buy"

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    I think the series has lost it's way. It's just blood and guts now.

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    Bonanza meets Sons of Anarchy. Also draws attention to the constant everyday reservation struggles. Love that finally we have a show starring Native Americans! Costner and cast great job!!!

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