The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
TV-MA | 31 October 2010 (USA)
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    I loved the first few seasons, but around the time that Negan came, it went downhill. The main thing I liked about the show was the emphasis on humans vs walkers. But now it's mainly humans vs humans. I feel like the show got sidetracked, and there are so many unexplored avenues. e.g. I would be interested to see if they could connect with people overseas. If they can build things up again and create new towns etc. And gradually restore humanity etc.

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    Steve Wallace

    To keep this short and sweet, I was the BIGGEST fan of the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, several seasons in, it started to fall apart; straying from something we could relate to, to something that relied on improbable, unrealistic, and ridiculous situations, characters, and plot-lines that became increasingly unbearable and too cringe-worthy to watch. The introduction of the "garbage heap people" was a definitive turning point for me. I've continued to watch and will probably see it through to the end simply due to the fact that I have a morbid curiosity as to where this unfortunate train-wreck will end up. Do yourself a favour and watch it from the beginning until it starts to offend your sensibilities and then just walk away: believe me, it won't/doesn't get any better beyond that. 10 stars to start...5 at the finish.

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    This is the series that I have been searching for long time and I'm sure it's the best series that I've ever seen

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    When this show begun it was fantastic.Now it´s just the ashes of something who was great...after season 6 it became the same old stuff over and over again, and for me it´s time to receive a bite and let this show RIP.It was good ,while it lasted.

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