Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders
TV-MA | 12 September 2013 (USA)
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    It's an incredibly entertaining take on the underground workings of the mob/mafia. It supplies several characters worth taking interest in and provides a story engaging enough to keep you interested as to how the problems get sorted out. Cillian Murphy is at his best as the gang's leader. You might have to disregard logic for a couple small parts of the plot, but there's nothing that just flat out ruins the storyline

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    Acting and Writing are top notch. And the best yet are the haircuts. You know a show is good when you go into a barber shop or Salon and say you want the Peaky Blinders cut and they know what you're talking about. But seriously Cilian Murphy is absolutely wonderful as the leading role, he carries himself and the show, but the show doesn't even need it because the supporting cast is phenomenal. It's stupid that the bad reviews all say I got to the 2nd episode and quit watching, well your opinion and review are irrelevant. Only minuses is lots of Radiohead music and it starts off a tad slow, but picks up steam very quickly.

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    It contains too much sexuality. so this is my score 8.

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    I love well done TV and movies. I like this from season 1 very strong writing. I also like how each season finale and following first episode are EPIC, usually a showdown between Tommy and the Blinders and the season main villain. If you like Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire you'll be happy you got into this

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