TV-14 | 22 September 1994 (USA)
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    I am such a fan of the Friends tv show. The characters are well developed independently and together they play off each other well. Some moments are cheesy while others are funny, while the rest is just very well acted and dialogued by the cast. At least give the first season episodes a go, if you still don't like it, don't watch it. But for those who enjoy a well developed multi character show..... Friends is sure to make you laugh and want to get to know each character more. Its a television show.... there are bound to be goofs or inconsistencies, no television show has ever ever in the history of tv been 200% perfect. I plan on buying the whole series on Blue-Ray soon to add to my dvds.

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    Friends is without a doubt the best American TV show ever to air. It has sad and hilarious storylines and makes you feel the sadness and jot out of any situation. The actors do fantastic and you really feel like you know a part of them by the end of the show. This will be a show I will never forget as I make constant references to the episodes. I wish the show could come back on air because I miss them so much, but I'm glad it got all the fame it did because it deserved it.

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    I LOVE comedies and I watch so many comedie series like modern family, how i met your mother, new girl, Brooklyn 99 but NOTHING compares to friends!! The best thing about this serie is that it's for all ages! I'm 16, my mom is 43, my dad is 51, my grandma is 68, my grandmother is 88 and we all LOVE IT! The acting is outstanding and you get addicted to the characters! And you wil laugh at least 3 times in every episode! You have Chandler: sarcastic and tries to be funny, and succeeds bc his jokes suck. Phoebe: is funny without knowing it, is a little bit crazy with a big heart. Monica: the mother of the grupp and keeps everyone together and has a little bit of OCD. Rachel: a little bit spoiled, shopping maniac, has the sarcastic bit like chadler and a sucker for romance. Ross: the nerd of the group and thinks he's the man all women want. Joey: the guy all women actually want. He's kinda stupid but has one of the biggest hearts of the group.This is gonna be a classic for eternity!You're gonna get addicted after the first episode, I promise!

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    "Will be there for you", impossible don't think in Friends, right? This serie is about a group of youngers friends living in Manhattan, New York. It shows all the problems that youngers have, like get a job, relationships and living alone. The first episode of Friends tv show happened in September 22, 1994 and the last one was in May 6, 2004, and since then is a success. In the serie, all begins when five friends (Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey) are hanging out at Central Perk, a coffee shop, when out of nowhere showed up a woman dressed like a bride, named Rachel, a situation that scared everybody in the group. Since then, Rachel started living with Monica, who is a chef cook and sister of Ross, who is insane in love with Rachel. Ross is a paleontologist, so you can imagine that he loves dinosaurs, right? Well, he has an insane love for that too. Joey is an actor, not so good, who suffer a lot, because doesn't get roles so easily. The other guy, Chandler, is the comedian of this serie, he is always trying to make people laugh with his jokes. The last one, Phoebe, is a girl who had a very difficult childhood, her mother killed herself and she had to live on the streets. This serie is great for marathon, each episode will make you laugh, it will cheer up your most stressful days. Make me very happy to have watched Friends, because it makes me got interested in English, the same time that I was having fun watching, I was learning. In conclusion, Friends it's a serie so good that you will forget the time and watch all day, probably one time to match won't be enough, you will want to watch more and more times.

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