TV-MA | 18 June 2015 (USA)
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    I am admittedly way late to this series - its July 2017 and I only just found it now and just endured the first couple of hours. And by endured I mean suffered through alternate periods of disbelief, boredom and perhaps even rage, at the stupidity and lack of preparation and experience of most of these guys.The premise of the show is not surprising, take a bunch of guys mostly from the USA, who think they know all about survival having been on a camping trip or two with the good old boys, read a couple of survival books (but ignored most of what was in them), watched a few youtube videos and probably been brought up on the typical "I am American" arrogant attitude of being experts at everything in their own mind.They all thought they knew the basics - it was lovely to see each one of them recite the abc's of what they needed to do first I think to convince themselves if no one else. Of course the prime ingredient to surviving in the outdoors is first having a strong mind, and it seems almost all of them forgot that at home when they left Yahoo USA to experience the real outdoors.Hoping to see some real bushcraft and display of knowledge and skill? Leave those hopes behind - there was almost none of it on display after the first 2 hours I watched. Just tears, moaning and groaning, in spades.The only plausible explanation I can think of is the producers did not tell them where they were going. And when they heard Vancouver Island, they missed the island part and only heard "Vancouver" and thought they were going to get a room at Ritz Carlton.Maybe there is something further along in the series, I hope so as after the first couple of episodes, had I been one of the participants I would have been afraid to ever show my face in public again.So your forewarned if your trying to decide whether to watch this show.

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    To be honest here, i love the show. I believe this is one of the closest to reality, TV shows. However......I do believe that their obsessive need for diversity has lead to the exacerbation of several stereotypes and has recently in episode 9 of season 3 has hit a new low. I believe the circumstances of Dave's disqualification for medical reasons was highly suspect. This man had 30 fish fillets and a seemingly endless supply of vegetation and fungi for additional minerals and necessary nutrients. My argument is that low blood pressure due to long term starvation is noticeable by medical professionals weeks before it becomes "dangerous" or a risk of "organ failure". So if as the producers said they perform medical exams every week, then the doctor would have known long before it was actually that bad. Even with such a low blood pressure, simply eating two fillets a day, in two meals, he would have quickly improved. However they pulled him without question. During all other clips during doctors visits, they told the contestant their vitals, however in Dave's case, they did not. In other seasons the doctors notified the contestant before their Health issues were dangerous and even posed a choice to stay. But in Dave's case he was forced out. Dave seemingly could have stayed at least another two weeks, where as all other contestants had no food reserves and are on the brink of collapse mentally and healthily. So he was a shoe in for the win, unless the producers removed him. We all know betting happens regarding the win er of this show and this executive decision totally warped the odds. Secondly, it is clear the producers and editors have set the narrative for a female winning since the beginning, despite the person with the clearest path to victory was just forced off the show. Im disappointed and feel the show was unjustifiably rigged after this stunt. I would have rated 10, if it weren't for Daves disqualification and their constant seeming need to place unqualified people in the show in order to "diversify".

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    Donovan Pechal

    There are a lot of"reality" shows out there that are just not good and most likely staged. This has to be the most"real" show I've seen on TV. Besides that, it's absolutely the most interesting show I've seen. The mental aspect of being alone for so long always seems to catch up to the contestants. The skills are great, but until you can cope with your emotions, it means nothing. Sometimes the drop off location is not as good as others, but that's the part that shows how good of a survivor these folks are.I highly recommend this show just based on the fact that it is legit and lets you into the lives of very diverse individuals and what they see as important to them. Couldn't recommend this show more.

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    I agree I like the psychology of it. It's easy to sit behind a computer and say how easy it is to survive. It is much different when you are alone with only a few essential items. I love all the wood crafts and guitar but think Sam will win. He's much younger with not as much on/in his mind to weigh him this show but so many commercials and warning messages every few minutes.I like that this is not as scripted or dramatic as other reality shows. I am surprised to see such low reviews and people being disappointed that watching them survive alone is boring. It is called alone. If everyone could go out there and do amazing it would be a boring show and seem scripted. I hope they continue this in different locations and with female contestants!

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